Doug Swindle

I was born and predominately raised here in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve always come back because I love it so much. Coeur d’Alene is such a great place to live.

I grew around art in my family since birth. Painting, sculpting, fabrication, auto body, & custom painting cars and motorcycles. Art in any fashion has always been a passion for me.

I was first introduced to the tattoo industry in 1992. After a few years I realized I wanted to devote all my time and energy to the trade. In 1999 I began my journey. I am fortunate to have the help and opportunity to be part of the tattoo industry. It’s an absolute please to be part of the Inkworld crew. Being a versatile tattoo artist has brought much joy for me. The ability to create artwork for clients to enjoy for life is such a pleasure it drives me to apply the best of my abilities. Tattooing is a very personal experience so I strive to make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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