Welcome to Inkworld Tattoo

Inkworld Tattoo Studio is comprised of tattoo franchises that specialize in custom tattoos while setting the standards for safe tattooing & professionalism. We are the longest standing tattoo shop in the beautiful town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Our doors opened in January of 1996 and we’ve been tattooing satisfied customers here in North Idaho ever since. Our artists and guest artists are nationally published and very enthusiastic about their line of work. All of the staff are certified in Industry Specific Bloodborne Pathogens, Cross Contamination Awareness and Prevention, CPR and First Aid Training.

About The Artist

Scott Hankins

My name is Scott Hankins. I moved to Coeur d’Alene because I fell in love with how beautiful it is and decided to open Inkworld Tattoo in 1996. I absolutely love my job and the amazing people and customers who I have the pleasure of working with. People ask me what I like most about my job and I always respond, “everything!” I travel the country and work with artists from east to west to learn as many tricks as I can strive to be the best gypsy artist that I can be.

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