Tattoo Virgin Information

Tattoo Virgin information:
You should always have something in your stomach before you get tattooed. Never tried to get tattooed on the empty
stomach. Energy drinks before a tattoo are a bad idea, they can call shakiness/fidgeting and nausea. They do not
constitute as breakfast lunch or dinner! Everyone that gets tattooed is nervous! Even long-time collectors though they
may not show it. It is OK to be nervous and it generally causes sweating from your palms or armpits during the tattoo
process. These are normal types of sweating/ perspiration. If at any time during the procedure prep work or stenciling
you start to feel hot or warm around your facial area, it is imperative for you to notify the artist immediately. It is
caused from an endorphin overload. You should never be sweating profusely on your face while you are sitting in a
chair doing nothing. This type of sweating can be dangerous, and the artist should be notified immediately! The
endorphin overload is a sign that your body is trying to go into shock. It can cause upset stomach/ nausea, extreme
sweating and even passing out! If you do start to feel warm, notify the artist immediately! They will stop whatever it is
that they are doing and focus solely on getting your endorphins back to a normal level which means stopping the
tattoo process. If this happens it usually takes somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes for it to pass/dissipate before you
can begin the tattoo process again. Once it is gone it is usually over with and does not repeat itself. Do not try to
mentally fight your way through this heatwave if it happens by telling yourself you’re tough and you can take it. Trust
me it’s best for you to tell the artist immediately if this happens.
Sensation: There are 3 distinct feelings in every tattoo
1 A spot that sucks
2 A part you cannot feel
3 And the rest of it will be in between those somewhere.
The spot that hurts is a nerve ending when its ran over with the tattoo machine the client perceives it as a warm
scratching feeling. The part of the skin that does not have nerve endings in it, is the part that you can’t feel. The best
way to deal with the irritation feeling of the tattoo is to take a deep breath before they start and partially hold the
breath and let it out very slowly if you come to a spot that feels like discomfort. By the time you’re done with that
breath the artist will stop wipe what they have done and dip the machine for the next pass which gives you a chance
to breathe in between each dip/wipe
1. If the sensation makes your body feel like it wants to tense up, this is not what you want to do! If you tense up, it
will make it feel 10 times worse. The best thing to do is remain relaxed and slowly breath out. If I was to verbally
describe the feeling to you It would be me holding a house cat claw in my hand and scraping the top of your skin with
it. When I stop it goes away and when I start it comes right back. There is no poking sensation in a tattoo process.
Some people try to associate tattooing with medical needles or syringes. We do not use the same equipment as the
hospital therefore It is not even remotely the same kind of poke. I tell people to not go into the process with the
attitude that it is going to hurt! because if they do, that’s all they’re going to experience is pain! They have already
psyched themselves up for it. You must go into it with an open mind then you can decide what it feels like based on
that patch of skin. It’s usually not near as bad as some people make it out to be! A lot of the horror stories come from
heavy handed biker tattooers and dry wipers. Don’t worry we have nice feather light hands and soft moist towels. Dry
wiping is the act of not applying any moisture to the towel before you clean/wipe the tattoo. it can be extremely painful
on a large tattoo. Professional tattooing does not hurt as bad as some of the horror stories that you may have heard.
If it hurt that bad people wouldn’t continue to do it. When the tattoo is being done by a professional, they use
compassion along with the most up-to-date techniques to do your tattoo in the quickest time possible with the highest
quality result.
When getting tattooed it is best to wear clothing that is easy to work with. loose fitting clothing or clothing that makes
it easily accessible for the artist to get to the area that you’re tattooing. Dark colored clothes are best. I don’t advise
wearing white clothing to your appointment. Tattooing is messy business, and the ink tends to get on clothing that is
close to the process. So where an old shirt or something that you don’t mind getting a little ink on! If you follow these
steps and take this advice it will help in making your tattoo experience a pleasant one.