At Inkworld Tattoo, we pride ourselves on safe and professional service. There are a few things that we would like to share with you to educate and inform you about the safety we provide at our shop:

-We use single use disposable needles. These needles are in an individual packet with sterilization information clearly visible. This will include the type of sterilization used, expiration date and color change indicator showing the packet is sterile.

-For items that are not disposable, we use an autoclave to sterilize our equipment. The autoclave is contained in a biohazard room with special labeling that says biohazard. The autoclave should never be sitting out in the shop where the public can touch it, for safety reasons.

-We use microbial spore testing. This testing is to insure the autoclave is functioning properly. The autoclave should be tested at a minimum of twice a month, we spore test every load that is ran in the autoclave and proudly display our test results. We don’t take chances when it comes to your health and safety.

-We also require that everyone who works at the shop receive yearly training in Bloodbourne Pathogens. This training covers all the dangers involved with the tattooing process from the time we walk into the shop to the time we go home at night. This training includes, Bloodbourne Pathogens and Cross Contamination Awareness and Prevention. This certifies us to be able to work safely when dealing with bodily fluids and we treat all bodily fluids as though they are Otherwise Potentially Infectious Materials.

We wanted to go over these safety standards with you because as of now there are no laws, licensing, or health departments governing tattooing in the state of Idaho!

Now that you know what we provide for your safety, there are three things that we ask of you while you are in our shop for the health and safety of our clients and staff:

  1. Please don’t set anything on the floor or walk around the shop without shoes on! We treat our floor as if it is a medical room floor. If you happen to drop something on the floor, please notify us so we can take care of the item for you.
  2. With us treating the floor as a medical room floor, it is best to keep any children under the age of 10 out of the shop. It is for the health and safety of your child. Plus, our staff is not trained in child care!
  3. Last but not least, PLEASE do not touch anywhere around the area that is being tattooed from the time that we shave you! If you do touch the tattoo or around the tattoo you will be asked to wash your hands.