Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices for tattoos?

Our prices are based on the tattoo. How long it takes, how complicated, whether the tattoo is black and gray or color. We can’t give a definite price until the tattoo is drawn up.

Should I tip the artist?

It is completely up to you, but it is appreciated!

Is it okay to go tanning, or be in the sun?

You should avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks. After that you should always wear a higher SPF sunscreen.

Is it okay to go swimming?

If you are taking care of your tattoo the traditional way with the directions that we give you, you should avoid going swimming until the tattoo is completely healed. We do offer Tatu Derm which is a clear bandage that you leave on for 5 days which would allow you to swim with your fresh tattoo.

Method of Payment?

We accept cash and credit cards.