After Care

Proper after care of a tattoo is essential for optimum healing
& greatly influences your finished product.

Strict adherence to Aftercare is the client’s responsibility!
Instructions for tattoo without Tatu Derm


1. With clean hands wash tattoo gently with a liquid soap and cool water. Do not use a washcloth or anything other than your hand. Do this 3-4 times a day for the first 3 days. Dry your tattoo by blotting with a soft, clean disposable paper towel. Do not soak your tattoo in water, which includes hot tubs, swimming, and baths/showers. It’s OK to wash, it’s NOT OK to soak for 7-14 days.

2. Vitamin A & D ointment or Aquaphor is suggested because it has worked well for many people. Everyone is different when it comes to how their bodies heal. The suggested ointment does have an allergy disclaimer on it that you should read thoroughly before attempting to use. It is important to use only a small amount when applying a coat to your new artwork. Too much ointment does not allow the tattoo to breathe. Not enough ointment will cause scabbing. Make sure to rub the ointment in thoroughly over the entire tattoo. Each time you wash the tattoo, you need to replace the ointment. Use ointment sparingly.

3. For the first 3 days, your tattoo will be draining. This is part of the healing process. The 3rd & final rule is to keep clothing or any other cloth away from the tattoo as much as possible while you are awake. If the tattoo drains into the cloth, it can actually become stuck to the tattoo making a worse scenario.

Before sleeping or putting cloth on the tattoo for the first 3 days. Right before you go to bed, wash your tattoo and pat dry. Do not apply ointment before sleeping. Instead cover the tattoo with a clean piece of plastic wrap. This will do 2 things: it will keep your tattoo from sticking to the sheets and it will trap moisture which will keep the tattoo from drying out overnight. When you wake, remove the wrap & start your 3 times a day cleaning & ointment routine. Before putting clothing on your fresh tattoo it is best to clean dry and apply wear plastic wrap first so your tattoo doesn’t stick to the clothing 🙂

Instructions for Tatu Derm
There are 2 basic rules with this form of aftercare

1. DO NOT remove the bandage for 3 days. During the first couple days that you have the bandage on the tattoo with fill with some fluid. making the tattoo look slightly fuzzy. If a large fluid pocket forms and you can’t see the tattoo through the bandage or if you shower and the bandage fills up with water, please remove immediately and follow the 3 step hand wash aftercare listed above. If the bandage starts to come off and is not securely stuck around the tattoo, you should also remove at once and follow standard aftercare if within the first 72 hrs.

2. There is no aftercare with the Tatu Derm bandage. the bandage heals your art and protects it during the first 3 days. You can shower, swim, and hot tub if you wish. It is a waterproof bandage. You do still want to keep it out of the sun.

3. After the 3 days you can remove the bandage then start to use unscented hand lotion.