The state law in Idaho for tattooing minors is 14 years of age. We have a 16 and above shop policy but we have made exceptions in the past depending on the tastefulness and the style and placement of the tattoo. In order to get tattooed as a minor. Shop policy requires you to have state issued ID we do not accept school ID’s birth certificates etc. The parent that comes with you will need to have valid state issued ID as well. When they sign for you they are assuming all responsibility and Presenting their identification at time of service. You will also need to have a consenting parent with you at the time of service. Since most of you are coming from out of state you can text your questions about appointment scheduling, price quotes etc. to the number above. If this is your 1st tattoo you will need to make sure that you have eaten before you come in for your appointment. And wear loose fitting clothing so that we can get to the area that needs to be tattooed easily.